Startup events of 2017 across the world

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The 5 Biggest Startup Events of 2017

Whether you have just embarked on the journey of startup or you have been there for a while, you must have heard of a lot of startup events. They happen everywhere. There are so many of them that you get confused.  There is a lot of money and time involved in attending these events and conferences.

But a good event is worth all that.  It provides you with the right exposure. You get to meet the right people, listen to their stories and tell your stories. Many of these startup events are contests. You can take part in them and show your ability to the entire world.  For a budding entrepreneur as well as an established one, a great startup event can be a life changing moment.

But how to decide which event is good and which is not. Where to go and which one to give a miss. To help you clear this confusion, we bring to you the top 5 startup events of 2017.

Top 5 Startup events of 2017

Websummit 2017

If you are a tech startup or aspiring to start a tech startup, this conference is for you. The great tech personalities like Elon Musk, Reed Hastings, Michael Dell, Peter Thiel, etc. have spoken in Websummit conferences.

It is the “largest tech conference in the World.”  More than 60,000 people from about 160 countries will attend this conference.  The tech community from all across the globe attends this summit. It is the fastest growing tech conference in the world. And the organizers of Websummit want it to be “the best technology conference in the world.”

It is a great opportunity for a tech startup to network and meet some of the great minds of the technological world.  It would be a great learning opportunity.  You can register for the event now

Where: Lisbon

When: 6th to 9th November, 2017

Startup Grind

Startup Grind is an independent global startup community. It organizes startup events in 200 cities across 98 countries.  It keeps organizing startup events every now and then in different cities.

These events give an opportunity to aspiring entrepreneurs to meet investors and experts.  Successful business leaders and innovators are also a part of these events. You get an opportunity to meet them in person and listen to them.  These discussions and inspirational talks will help you give wings to your aspirations. Visit Startup Grind website to check when an event is being organized near you.

The latest Startup Grind Conference is happening in Europe.

Where: London

When: 14th June 2017

Startup Fest 2017

Startup Fest is a Startup Festival where world’s best entrepreneurs, founders, investors and mentors gather together.  This festival has everything. There are idea sharing, thought-provoking discussions, inspirational talks, how-to sessions and three days of keynote speaking.

The sessions are highly interactive and entrepreneurs get a chance to pitch their startup and raise funds.  The best pitches get prizes and investment from world renowned Venture capitalists.

There are various themes of the fest like Angel Fest, Accelerator Fest, Fund Fest, Scale Up Fest, Hacker Fest, etc. Learn new things, meet interesting people, share your ideas and get investments in the fest. Visit startup fest website for more details and bookings.

Where: Montreal

When: 12th July to 15th July 2017

Hustle Con 2017

The startup world seems to be biased towards the non-tech startups. Not many talk about non-tech startups. But Hustle Con is a startup event dedicated to non-tech startups. Hustle Con is the biggest one-day startup event held annually in the U.S.

Hustle Con gathers the world’s most successful non-tech founders to share their stories and insights. They teach the new startups the tactics of growing a non-tech startup and tell them their own wins and losses.

The event is a great learning opportunity for non-tech startups. Many successful non-tech entrepreneurs will speak in the conference. Go to the Hustle Con Website to know more.

Where: Oakland California

When: 23rd June 2017

Seedstars World Summit 2018

Although Seedstars World Summit for 2017 has already happened, it deserves an honorary mention. It claims to be the “World’s biggest Startup Competition in Emerging markets.”  Every year there are 65+ local competitions. The aim is to identify the best seed-stage startup. The event also focuses on startup pitching, networking sessions, inspirational talks, etc.

Seedstars organizes 5 regional summits where the winners of all local competitions are brought together.  This event brings together many stakeholders like investors, incubators, corporates, government, etc. to discuss startup ecosystem.

Any less than 2 year old starup that fits other stated criteria too can apply for the local contest.  The winners of local contests then compete in the global summit. The final competition happens in Seedstars Summit, Switzerland. Here the local winners compete with each other to become “Seedstars World Global Winner”.  The winner for 2017 was Filipino startup “Magellan” founded by Mario Jordan. Next could be you. The registration for Seedstars Summit 2018 has already opened. Don’t miss this golden chance.

Where: Lausanne, Switzerland

When: 6th April 2018