What Elon Musk is up to- Let’s Decode Future According to him?

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What Elon Musk is up to- Let’s Decode Future According to him?

Elon Musk is quite an intriguing personality. If you have read his biography or heard his speeches or read an article about him, you must have been left thinking what this man is up to. I bet you want to spend a day in Elon Musk’s brain to decode his thoughts.

But unfortunately you can’t do that just yet, maybe in future. But till the time such technology is invented, we thought we will give you a sneak peek into Elon Musk’s mind. So here we are on a mission to attempt decoding future according to Elon Musk.

Elon Musk dons many hats. He is an entrepreneur, an inventor, an engineer, a futurist and what not. Elon Musk was born in South Africa. He holds South African, Canadian and U.S citizenship. He is the founder of Tesla, Space X and many more futuristic ventures.

He plans to send humans to Mars by 2025 through his venture Space X.  With Tesla he wants to introduce self-driving electric cars.  He has introduced the idea of travelling by “Hyperloop” which will make travelling faster and cheaper than rail.  He acquired Solar City Corp to promote and advance sustainable energy to a wider consumer base. On 27th March 2017, he announced a new venture “Neuralink” that is supposed to create an interface between humans and computers to speed up human brain.

Elon Musk is of the opinion that humans are going to destroy Earth. And that is why he is planning to create a human colony on Mars to allow a few “lucky people” to start their life on Mars.

Recently in ReCode code conference, Elon Musk pointed out that in the near future there would be no distinction between reality and simulation. He said that given the rate at which simulation technologies are advancing, people will soon not be able to differentiate between reality and simulation.

Elon Musk has also been very wary of Artificial intelligence. He says that if Artificial Intelligence surpasses Human Intelligence, it has the potential of harming the humans. This is the reason he wants to create an Artificial intelligence that only benefits humans and cannot harm them.

In a recent interaction, he said,

“I think the two things that are needed for a future that we would look at and conclude is good, most likely, is, we have to solve that bandwidth constraint with a direct neural interface. I think a high bandwidth interface to the cortex, so that we can have a digital tertiary layer that’s more fully symbiotic with the rest of us. We’ve got the cortex and the limbic system, which seem to work together pretty well – they’ve got good bandwidth, whereas the bandwidth to additional tertiary layer is weak.”

In fact, he announced his new venture “Neuralink” which supposedly “will develop “neural lace” technology, which is sci-fi shorthand for linkages that permit humans to seek self-improvement through technology connections. A neural lace would involve electrodes that move thought messages from the brain to a computer and back again faster than ever before possible.”

Looking at his speeches and ventures, one can assume that Elon Musk is of the opinion that humans are going towards self-destruction in the future. He also thinks that humans can be saved from this through certain technologies and that is what he wants to achieve through his ventures.