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[Infographic] How to start a Startup

Today, in the world of competition, to survive, evolve and the urge to be supreme everyone wants to jump in the well of kicking up their own ventures. Though people might think up of starting with one, it’s not easy to be the best and serve with consistency throughout, primarily with the development stage. The question that bothers in our minds here is on “How to Start a Startup?”

The answer to this may seem to be a deviating one but is and can be an assured and simple one.We all want to start with our own businesses but the brainstorming required during the initial phases is of paramount importance.

From a naive vision, the idea may be strong and promising but the execution to bring it up is very crucial.The key on How to start a startup lies on certain important factors are taken into consideration.

It’s not necessary that you abide and fulfill all of these but it may be a bull’s eye for what we are aiming for.Understanding the fact that there can be certain other conditions for starting a startup, this infographic regarding How to start a startup by San Francisco based company Funders and Founders clearly illustrates this.