3 Things You Need To Understand Before Executing Your Startup Idea

3 Things You Need To Understand Before Executing Your Startup Idea
We think it’s interesting that out of a countless ideas that have seen fruition i.e. turned into actioned ideas, there exist a pattern which goes on to classify them into types of startups. To the entrepreneur and to the one dabbling with the idea, there lies a huge advantage in understanding what they are creating, or would want to at some point.
Here are some of the advantages to understanding what you are trying to create:



Proper Benchmarking
With metrics and behaviours to measure against, you are likely to understand the health of your idea. Having slightly less ambiguity about your path taken is a stepping stone in the right direction.


Understanding your competitors:

There comes a time for most entrepreneurs or idea guys wherein an acceptance floods in about the fact the idea they have may not be completely unique. This means a lot of things, but mostly at this point only one thing is absolutely certain. You have competitors.
Yes, no one is doing exactly what you are doing, but without a doubt there are strong similarities. They may either be ahead of you or behind you, that’s not the point. The point is, you need to know this; if you were blinded to these parameters it’s very likely you don’t know where you are going.


Red Flags:

It’s no surprise that startups run into a lot of problems (that’s kind of the whole reason we built Bevy). Understanding the kind of startup you are would highlight the many, recurring, reasons why they hit certain roadblocks. Foresight is forewarned.


Certainly, the advantages don’t end there. Feel free to put some out in the comments or write to us at hello@bevy.me we are always up for a good chat.

How Startups Help Moms To Achieve Their Goals

Moms have herculean jobs to finish, however when they have to handle home and office equally, they have never backed in the race. This is why moms are described as the toughest yet most delicate individuals. Gone are the days when moms were confined within the home and babies only. The modern mom knows how to utilize her time well and how to come out with productiveness and efficiency with her available time.

Moms are often packed within the household chores which leave less time to manage a business. However with the changing time, moms are looking forward to several startups which are also becoming their career in due course of time. All it needs is some sort of skill that one can utilize well.

If you have some plan in your head, little money to invest and a great team (team may have members as less as 2) to correlate then you are all set to go! Startups for moms are usually devised to come up with productivity with an investment of very less time, approximately 3-4 hours in a day. At the initial stages, you might have to invest some more time just to get a good hold of your business which can later be managed with very few hours in a day.

So this Mother’s Day, are you looking for some great ideas to start your very own small business? Then learn these great ideas where several moms have already invested and come out with a decent business of their own!

  1. Got Some Writing Skills? Get Paid For It!

If you have a writer in you, then don’t let this art go just into the garbage. Build your own team and start content writing business. You can start all this by writing all by yourself and later developing it into a team and getting write-ups done for other clients. There are a lot of websites that require content writing to flood their pages, your role can be vital for them.

  1. Build An Online Market Place

If you can manage to get products to sell then buy stuff in wholesale and sell them on online marketplaces. You can start from junkyard sales to adopting drop-ships. Arrange products that are not available locally to boost your sales!

  1. Become A Website Consultant

Starting up as a website consultant can also help you to get a foothold in the internet world. Every startup now wants its own website, so as a website consultant you have to manage the content of the site, links and do affiliate marketing for the same.


  1. Becoming A Gardening Expert!

Gardening skills can also help you get a good deal. If you have a solid hold in gardening, then you can hold gardening sessions at the backyard and get paid for the same. Preparing the soil, nurseries, potpourri, herbal candles are all by-products of gardening.

  1. Start Up For Child Care

Child care is also a long lasting and lucrative business nowadays. Where more mothers are employed in full-time jobs nowadays, you can help them reduce their burden by babysitting their kids. Get your space licensed and fulfill the minimum regulations to start up a child care center to start your business up.

With all these great ideas you can give a great start to business ideas on this Mother’s Day!