About Us

Bevy is out to solve the problem with high startup failures by creating a seamless ecosystem of entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, and mentors working in symphony toward solving major (and minor) problems that startups face on a day to day basis.

Startups are known to grow, pivot or fail and all of those actions are executed based on facts, figures, and very good advice. We hope to create a community on our platform that has the ability to listen and ‘self-heal’. We are starting our efforts by making the assumption that the startup ecosystem can  be made self-sustaining and self-aware.

Through this, we hope to attack the common problems that startups face, such as ill-fitting products, the lack of good team members and other issues that plague the path of entrepreneurship.

Mukesh Naraniya, Founder and CEO of Bevy started working on this product after past endeavors started hitting roadblocks. A hard insight into the life-cycle of startups led to address the various obstacles along the way and that, in turn, led to the formation of Bevy.

We are starting our platform with the tools required to reach out to other startups and efficiently put out your thoughts and concerns. Our way ahead is exciting!

We plan to create a fulling functioning network equipped with tools powered by data. The team has already charted out some amazing plans, which will revolutionize the way people (not just entrepreneurs) approach entrepreneurship.