Culture Machine announced leaves on first day of women's period.

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Culture Machine introduces FOP – “First day of Period” leave policy

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“You and your mood swings, it is seriously disgusting”

“Why are you so quiet?”

“Hey, what happened? Why is this delay happening? Can’t you concentrate properly?”

“These girls make their “Un Dino Ki Dikkatein” so big and behave as if we guys don’t have any problems”

“How lucky these women are, they easily can make excuse of their periods and get rid of this stressful work”

Aren’t these statements acquainted? Have we heard them before? Yes, of course, at every workplace, these statements are heard being murmured by some frustrated male employees. And why are they frustrated? Simply, because they are unable to understand this “MENSTRUATION” thing.

Working during periods:

This is the most common problem which working women face. Periods already cause an excruciating pain, mood swings, and high-stress levels and there isn’t much that women can do about it. Hot water bags, Painkillers, hot beverages, nothing seem to work beyond a limit. It is a natural process but hardly feels natural. During the first two days, they are in a very bad state.

Above all that, working, meeting targets and holding meetings during this becomes very hard as a result of which women usually have to exhaust their quota of sick leaves for this purpose.

The Applaudable Initiative

Kudos to Culture Machine Media Pvt. Ltd., the Mumbai-headquartered Digital Media startup, which gave a thought on this and hence came out with a policy, starting this month, which allows women employees to take a day off on the first day of their period.

From July 2017, the company is introducing “the First Day of Period Leave” in its list of holidays.
According to Devleena S Majumder, President-Human Resources, Culture Machine Media Pvt. Ltd

the idea was to align the core organizational values to the content which they create.

As already this company tackles themes related to women’s issues with their YouTube channel called BLUSH and aims at women empowerment, implementing #FOP leave policy is the next step towards their aim of empowering women. Hence with this step, the company intends to provide the women who work with them with a supportive and conducive work environment.

Culture Machine thus becomes the first Digital Media Company to implement such policy.

If you all are wondering on this then this is not something new as some other countries already have such policies which provide women with comfortable working hours.

Countries already in the suit:


In Indonesia, the Labor Act of 1948 gives women the right to have two days of menstrual leaves per month.


As per the Article 68 of the Labour Standards Law in Japan

“If a woman who find it difficult to work during menstruation requests leave, the employer shall not employ such woman on days of the menstrual period”.

While Japanese law requires that a woman going through especially difficult menstruation be allowed to take leave, it, on the other hand, does not force companies to provide women the paid leaves or any extra pay who prefer to work during menstruation.

South Korea

Different from Japan, the Article 71 of the Labour Standards Law in South Korea, not only allows female employees to take menstrual leave but also ensures that they are getting additional pay if they do not take the leave during menstruation which they are entitled to.


Although a bit less in number but the Act of Gender Equality in Employment in Taiwan allows women to have three days of “menstrual leave” per year.

How did people react?

Since the announcement of this policy with the video on their official YouTube channel-Blush, the idea has gone viral and is getting a highly positive response from the people. The video has already crossed above 61,000 views in just 3 days, with almost negligible dislikes and has created a buzz in the country.

Our gratification and salute to the Culture Machine Media Pvt. Ltd.