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F8 2017 : Facebook announced fun and ease to everyone

Yet another year Conference from Facebook, and this time F8 was the best of all, as it has a clear vision and 8 as the Best vision for Invention implementations was introduced in the conference held on 18th &  19th April in San Jose. The vision to bring 8 new tunings is recommendable job done by Mark Zuckerberg and team. Here is the list of those 8 visions which will soon turn into reality and will definitely change our world;

1. Camera gets Re-tuning

FB has planned to launch augmented real life images on FB. That means if you want to see particular information about a place, the FB camera will get it done in less than a minute, that means you have more information related to a particular place as soon as you enable this feature.

2. Social VR

FaceBook Spaces will be one tool where you can share the VR videos with your friends and all of us can enjoy sharing the same video at one time, which means more bonds, more relations.

3. Music & Games introduced in Messenger

FB is planning to launch a new messenger on which you can share your favorite song, a favorite game or video just with a click. Till now apart from Whatsapp, no application can successfully do it.

4. SLAM is introduced

VR is trending, as said that “SLAM” (simultaneous localization and mapping) is introduced that helps in creating a 3-D grid over the floor/object in front of you, changing it into a message board. This message board can be used to pass on messages in someone’s absence.

5. Beautification of Images

Though it is a kiddies improvement, but Facebook is thinking to come up with the beautification of images, where you can create masks. With the help of Frame Studio which allows developers to make 2-dimensional overlays, very similar to that of  Snapchat geotag which stays on the borders of the photo or video.

6. Capable Messenger Bots

So FB here has a surprise, these new Bots will be loaded with many features because of which you can do all your work in a group without being present at a real location at one time. For example, I have some guests coming up at my home, tonight, I am about to order the food, for all simultaneously while chatting with the guest, I opened the BOT and ordered what I wished to order and rest can also choose their options, once done all of us can pay as per our item preference on a new Payment BOT, which can be accessible to all of us as we are connected via Messenger.

7. Let’s Build FB together

FB has launched a platform for all the developers working for the improvement of FB Applications. Today more than 70% of the developers are working outside the US, hence for education purpose even, it is really hard to get a reference to a particular code. This developer’s circle will help them connect and discuss the pros and cons.

8. M‘s Re-launch

M was an app launched by FB couple of years back, though the invention got overshadowed due to its competitor Google and Alexa. FB will soon re-launch M the new version will allow businesses to make automation tools for customer interactions. M will soon allow businesses to make automation tools for managing customer interactions. A new feature will help to find suggestions as and when required to someone who is a foodie or techie. The recommendation will be based on your chat analysis on messenger.

Yes, it seems to be a really lucrative vision, rest the things will be more clear once implemented.