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Google Marketing Next 2017 – Future of Marketing

If you have missed the Keynote at “Google Marketing Next 2017”, Here is what google announced in it.

Theme: “Marketing Next” — future of Marketing. 

Mr Sridhar Ramaswamy, vice president of Ads & Commerce talked about how data & Machine learning improving the experiences.

Search on mobile:

87% of mobile owners turns to Search in the moment of need.

Voice search brings great change.

In the google search app, 20% of the searches are from Voice.

Google introduced Store visit Measurement 2 years ago, to bridge the gap between online ad and offline visits. Google tracked over 5 billion offline store visits annually with the help of Maps.

70% who bought something at store first turned to device for relevant information about their purchase.

So, Google launched Location Extension and Store visits for YouTube.

Location Extension in YouTube - announced in Google Marketing Next 2017

But it’s not the clicks, it’s the sales/purchases that matter most. So, to measure the store sales Google is rolling out two tools this year.

Store Sales Management: 

The first tool will allow you to import transaction data into Adwords to see store sales and revenue at the device campaign level for your search and shopping campaigns.

And with the second, You can get the data of sales from the Google partners without any implementation at your end. [Google has partnered that cover 70% of debit and credit card transactions in the US].

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages):

Mr. Sridhar also shared about AMP

For every second delay in page load time conversion can fall upto 20%

Sridhar announced new beta supporting AMP landing pages for search Ads.

AMP from search Ads - marketing next 2017

Faster pages provide better landing page experiences. And as better page experience is an important factor in ad ranking and pricing system. AMP will help to provide a better experience, better ranking, and low pricing. to know more about AMPs read here.

Bhanu Narasimhan, Director of Audience product shared about bringing the Google Strength and Machine learning together to provide

  1. Better audiences,
  2. Brand new audience segments and
  3. Broader reach with audiences across channels and devices

Do you know? – 91% of smart phone owners purchase/plans to purchase after seeing a relevant ad

Better Audience

by connecting data on Google (all properties, YouTube, Gmail, Maps) across Device on Real time.

Google Connecting data of all these Google Properties.

Broader Reach:

by introducing “In-market audience” for search ads.

In-market audience in search ad - Marketing Next 2017In-market audience is reaching out to potential customers while they are exploring, learning about the type of product you sell across YouTube, Google Display Network publisher and partner sites.

This was previously available for Display Ads

Brand New Audience:

Recently launched Consumer patterns and life events in Youtube. These are based on intent rich signals which includes searches and video watches.

Measurement Tools:

1. Attribution Tools:

Problem with current attribution tools:

  • difficult to setup
  • loose track of customer journey while moving across devices and
  • aren’t well integrated with ad tools

And Marketers endup with measuring their performance with last click attribution.

Google Attribution: Tool for marketers to understand if their marketing efforts are working.

Attribution is a new tool that help you measure the impact of each of your marketing touch points across multiple channel and multiple devices and makes it super easy to take action. — Bill Kee, Group product manager Attribution

Google Attribute Dashboard

Attribution feature was there in Analytics, Adwords and DoubleClick Tools. Now, Google is merging the attribution feature in to see a complete path of customer journey.

It provided the different models to compare the acquisition data from various channels.

  • Data Driven
  • First Intereaction
  • Last Interaction
  • Linear
  • Position Based
  • Time Decay
2. Unique Reach


Today, 30% of users use 5 or more devices.

If you have reached a user twice, you have reached him/her 10 times.

To solve this, Google launched Unique Reach reporting in Adwords and DoubleClick.

With this unique reporting, You can easily know how many times you already reached a particular user.

Unique Reach reporting in Adwords and DoubleClick

These metrics are de-duplicated across devices, campaigns and formats to understand how many people you reached and how many times.

New UI for the Advertisers — Material Design that all google tools are already updated with like Firebase, Analytics, play console.

3. Google Survey 360

Tool to survey people who saw your ads and ask them questions to understand how relevant your ad was. Why they clicked on your ad or not?

Advertisers can run these surveys, via connecting Adword and Survey 360 account and get the results in just few days

By this, you can optimize your ad and save a big chunk of money.


The features launched:

  • Store Visit Measurement
  • YouTube local extension and store visits
  • Consumer patterns and life events in YouTube.
  • Google Attribution
  • Unique Reach
  • New Adword UI
  • Google Optimize and Survey 360 integration with adwords
  • Planing in DoubleClick Bid Manager

Watch the full video of the Event Here.