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Top 10 sites to find co-founder

Are you a born startup entrepreneur having ideas floating in your mind but are in a dilemma in building it? Well, you know this is the most common challenge being faced by every ‘to be entrepreneur’ and even the maestros in this domain have faced it. The problem of “having a great idea and not having the right person” can be solved by contacting and communicating with people worldwide through some exciting websites. These are dedicated sites to find co-founder and will serve you with the solution of such problems.

Here are the top 10 sites where you can find a co-founder for your business:

  1. Co-foundersLab : Co-foundersLab is a largest matchmaking American online platform which provides services to start-ups & entrepreneurs in the world.
    It allows free
    signup but the plan, you choose plays the main role. With a free plan you can contact up to 5 members whereas with pro plan you can get an access to unlimited co-founders.Co-founder lab Home page
  2. FounderDating : FounderDating is a premium quality website where you can sign-up using either of the two plans. Using free plan you can either network with entrepreneurs or can find co-founders/advisers/mentors. With the other one, you can partner with co-founders & can join side projects. Through this website, you can connect potential co-founders & advisors.Co-founder dating home page
  3. CollabFinder : CollabFinder allows you to find co-founder according to your interest, skills or those nearby. Well, you can sign-up for free & can build collaborative communities & groups for universities, student groups, co-worker spaces, meetups, innovation centers & also to launch projects.ColabFinder Homepage
  4. Founder2be : Founder2be is an open service & entrepreneurship related social networking website for co-founders. It connects co-founders from more than 100 countries. Get started in less than 5 minutes by registering to Founder2be and easily find a co-founder for your startup. It even allows to launch new startups on the site & get fundings.Founder2Be Home page
  5. YouNoodle : YouNoodle is a San Francisco-based company building a platform for entrepreneurship competitions all over the world. YouNoodle matches entrepreneurs with competitions, accelerators, and startup programs, and provides a judging and voting SaaS platform to university, non-profit, government and enterprise clients organising innovation challenges and competitions.Younoodle Homepage
  6. FoundersNation : FoundersNation is a free platform that helps you find or become a startup co-founder. It provides a very simple tool for finding & checking people who were interested in becoming co-founders.Join their free community to find the skilled partners or the opportunities you need to develop & to find new start-up.Foundersnation home page image
  7. CodeArmy : CodeArmy is launched in 2013 as an online accelerator that helps non-technical entrepreneurs build their products & launch their startups with experienced CTO’s. It will teach you build your products & launch them. They provide several programs that help to turn your idea into a viable business or a startup.Code Army home page
  8. GoHachi : Hachi is one of the most revolutionary websites to get connected with entrepreneurs, co-founders, developers & partners online. The power of your network spread over multiple networks like LinkedIn, Gmail, Facebook & Twitter. It allows you to connect your business prospects, potential partners and anyone else you want to connect with them in minutes.Hachi Home page
  9. AngelList : AngelList is a U.S website for startups, investors, and job-seekers looking to work at startups. It was created in 2010 with a mission to democratise the investment process. It started as an online introduction board for tech startups that needed seed funding. Join for free and explore the content to find the best co-founders available.Angellist home page
  10. Meetup : Meetup is a New York online social networking portal that facilitates offline group meetings in various localities around the world. Signing up is quick and easy and there is a good overall success rate. The last place & the best place to look for a co-founder is to simply attend Meetups in your nearby area, it gives you that instant human connection that helps finding the person who can join you in building your business.

You can also find co-founders on Bevy App, See, How it works. It’s completely free on Bevy to connect and collaborate with startup people.

For entrepreneurs, the most important thing matters is ‘time’. Every wasted minute becomes a lost opportunity for networking, growing the business & for making money. Each of these sites provided above work differently with different pros and cons. Don’t forget to try Bevy and find the best partner for your business.

Good luck.!!